NN 09/2012

Nadine Nettelmann

Dr. rer. nat.
University of Rostock, Germany

Saturn Last View of Saturn, Copyright Calvin C. Hamilton

My working field is planetary science.

As a postdoc at UC Santa Cruz and U Rostock, and former PhD student at the U Rostock, I have become interested in constructing planet interior models that aim to meet all available constraints, including observational data, high-pressure equation of state data, and model atmospheres. Starting with Jupiter, I dedicated my modeling efforts primarily to the solar system giant planets, with some excursions to extrasolar worlds.
Among my most favorite research topics are the ice giants (why is Uranus so faint, and Neptune so bright?), Saturn (is helium rain the answer to its extremely dipolar magnetic field?), and Jupiter as an excellent test case for new ideas, thanks to accurate observational constraints.